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by admin | Nov 21, 2017

Trigger point injections are effective by releasing tight tender muscle knots in the body. The muscle tissue is shortened in these areas with tenderness to touch and felt as bands on palpation. The sinew around the muscle and through the muscle, called fascia is the main structural tissue that holds the body together. The fascia tightens and thickens with age, trauma, stress, surgery and other factors which leads to painful areas with a reduced blood flow to the small nerves which then produce pain on movement or pressure, for example when lying in bed. The release of fascia and muscle is how you achieve results and reduce and sometimes reverse the symptoms of tightness, pain, weakness, numbness or pins and needles. It’s simple in trained hands and works for many. Advanced treatment techniques are needed for resistant cases, which relates to the more extensive inflammatory state of the tissues affected. That’s why the new HydroTPI technique is used to hydrates, irrigate and detoxify the stuck down fascial layers consistent with chronic inflammation and pain. The tissues are mobilised, blood flow improved, function returns and pain is reduced in the areas treated in most cases over weekly treatments.