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by admin | Nov 21, 2017

Good posture is something our bodies desire for optimal health. Just stand upright with your hips, shoulders and head forward and feel the tension mounting. As gravity pulls you down, your muscles within the musculoskeletal system pulls you up. Over time poor posture has this effect of fighting against gravity and your muscles have to work overtime to keep you upright and functioning as you go about your day. Simple general exercises for a few minutes per day don’t correct posture because many people sit, stand and walk the whole day in poor postures. Many people stand with their feet pointing out, their shoulders curved forward and hands placed in front of their hips as this is programmed in the unconscious state where we feel most comfortable. Poor posture is a postural adaptation to minimise muscular tension which leads to chronic pain. When necessary, I encourage my patients to read Pete Egoscue’s book, Pain Free and do the exercises advised. The book outlines the theory behind good posture being a fundamental human characteristic necessary for a healthy body. Specific exercises are illustrated and explained which serve as a guide to start the realignment process of the skeletal system with muscle releases. Improvement in pain is one positive outcome stated by the author from performing his exercises regularly. In chronic pain states associated with posture malalignment, it’s common sense to assume the body wants to return to its natural state of posture alignment.