Persistence on a Purposeful Path

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by admin | Feb 04, 2022

When I was a young boy, my friends and I took turns sticking our fingers into a light socket and laughing at the reactions each of the others exhibited. It was the first in a long list of derring-do activities I just had to try. Some became things I learned not to be so foolish as to repeat, while others prompted me to do something even more outlandish.

Many of our most important lessons come through making mistakes or engaging in foolish ventures. Others present themselves through our failure to persist on a purposeful path to learning life skills.

That comes about for several reasons.

We all go through challenging circumstances where things seem not to work irrespective of how much effort we have put into it. We then wonder if the goal is worth all the bother. It is human nature to be concerned when things do not go as planned and, it is good to do appraisals and change course where strategies are not yielding the expected result.

Where we think our intention is indeed worth it, we should ask ourselves whether we will be successful amid all obstacles.

At times our disappointment is so massive, or we distrust ourselves so much that we are enticed to take the simplest route out of our discomfort simply by giving up. That is where many people throw in the towel and move on to something easier. The question is, are you aware of how much is at stake as you give in to the urge to quit?

It does not only suggest the demise of a dream, but it also affects you psychologically which makes giving up a lot simpler in the future. Quitting is an indication that we have lost an inner battle. Sometimes we give up when we are closer to our dream than to where we started.

Of course, there are instances where it may not be sensible to continue chasing a particular vision. But, if you are to let go of a certain dream, do not let it leave your bag of dreams empty. Dream even bigger and work even harder and smarter. Below are five signs that you have a defeatist habit.

1. EASILY DISCOURAGED AND QUITTING WITHOUT REALLY TRYING – this is common among people who doubt themselves or expect to have everything easy. What you should be quitting is assuming that everything has to go effortlessly, the feeling that you are not good enough, or something is not destined for you. Face your problems and find ways around them.

2. PLAYING A ROLE IN OTHER PEOPLE’S STORIES – It does not matter how similar you are to your friends and family members; you are traveling on different journeys. Draw limits as to how much of other people’s lives affect you. You are unique and your experiences will be distinct according to your gifts and purpose.

3. CONTINUAL EXCUSES –Choosing to stay in your comfort zone gets you nowhere. Excuses might succeed in fooling everybody including yourself but, no one will stand up and improve your life for you. Do not allow fear and feelings inadequacy to hold you back. It could just mean that it is not time yet or it is not where you are meant to be, or that you were misunderstood.

4. SEEKING IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION – you want results now, whatever you do must start paying as soon as you start. With that mentality, you cannot have the patience to let something grow. In some cases, even the greatest ideas are given up only because they will take too long to come to fruition, and you simply cannot wait. Almost everyone starts small.

5. OVERTHINKING – overthinkers often see more than is necessary. They often have a problem with every idea and can dismiss some ideas without even trying. As much as it is good to consider our strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats, we should not let them be barriers to progress. Thinking at that level should help us identify possible hurdles and be prepared to deal with them.

It takes courage, a sensible plan, and persistence to achieve our dreams, but the dividends are tremendous. YOU ARE WORTH EVERY EFFORT YOU POSSESS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE AND WELL-BEING.

– Happy Haddy