Be More Productive, Listen To Your Body Clock!

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by admin | Jan 04, 2018

Do you feel you are fighting against yourself sometimes? Do you feel there are better times of the day to do emails or work?

I think we all do, at least a wee bit!

I am a morning person, up with the lark, ready for the world, always have been. Bright and bushy in the AM at work. Come PM at work I fade a bit, boosted with coffee or food I march on. But then the evening comes, my kids are up and full of life wanting to stay up  and I become irritable, my bark finds a voice. I am tired. I am easily stressed with home life and just want to relax, read a book and retire to bed early.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Early bird? Day person? Night owl?

I just read an amazing book that provided insight into all this stuff recently.

THE POWER OF WHEN, by Michael Breus PhD.

As a family physician this provided amazing insight from a scientific perspective into our body clock, or circadian rhythm.

One small area in the centre of our brain called the HYPOTHALAMUS is where the MASTER CLOCK lives and works 24/7.

Dr Breus, known as The Sleep Doctor, discovered 4 basic RHYTHMS in our bodies that are universal across the globe. His review of the research from all 4 quarters of the world is compiled in this groundbreaking book that will likely change medicine and the lives of millions of people like you and me.

The 4 basic rhythms are analogous to 4 animals.

The LION. That’s the early bird. 20% of the population. Early to rise, born leaders, CEOs, dynamic personality and go getters.

The BEAR. That’s the 9-5 gal or guy. 50% of the population. That’s why our society revolves around 9-5. But what about the other folks! The Bear’s have energy and focus best in the middle of the day. Not up with the larks, not up with the owls.

The WOLF. 25% or so. The party animals, ready to go at 10pm. Hate getting up in the AM. Drag their feet to get to the office, slowly wake up with the day, blossoming at 2-5 and alive at night.

The DOLPHIN. 25% or so. Insomniacs or have sleep issues. Their brain like the dolphins doesn’t shut off in the night. Always alert, likely more anxious, highly intelligent individuals. With some shifting of their daily routine much of the sleep issues can resolve.

If you go to and take the quiz in a few minutes you figure out which CHRONO – TYPE you are. CHRONO just means BIOLOGIC TIME.

This information has woken me up to realize why I am more productive in the AM and not so in the PM.

From this I have made changes like exercising in the PM with  more energy for evening activities. I am going to bed at 11 not 12 or 1am. I am less tired in the day and way more happier.


  1. Understanding about how your body optimally works. WOW!
  2. More energy in the day. WHO DOESN’T NEED THAT!
  3. Eating optimal food quantities at times of the day. MAYBE WEIGHT LOSS!
  5. The optimal time for exercise and ways to do it. IT’S not all about going the gym! YAHOO.
  6. Healthier times for COFFEE and ALCOHOL for you. GO FIGURE!
  7. The best time to have sex. WHO DOESN’T need that?!
  8. The best time for work. For business meetings. To ask for a raise. To go for an interview. To present your work.
  9. The optimal time to socialize, go on dates, and have a party.
  10. The best time to take your medications, go for a mammogram (ladies), visit your doctor. A WORD of CAUTION HERE about taking medications. Speak to your doctor first!

The BOTTOM LINE: you can be way more productive in your life by listening to your body clock, follow the advice by The Sleep Doctor and see your life get better.

Be the Best PERSON you can BE.

Be the best YOU!

Dr. Wayne Phimister