How to Reduce Chronic Pain by Breathing?

How to Reduce Chronic Pain by Breathing_

by admin | Jan 16, 2019

Chronic pain is a disease of the limbic system or emotional centre of the brain. Brain nerve circuits are wired for ongoing pain and can be re-wired by several activities like writing, speaking and thinking positive thoughts and consciously breathing. To start the journey of reducing pain by conscious breathing, I teach my patients to […]

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Heart Matters

by admin | Jan 31, 2018

The question remains, how do we heal? I frequently explain to my patients, “if your bone breaks….it heals (99% of the time!)….if your skin breaks….it heals (even without sutures)….if you have the common cold …. you heal. How does that work? Our body is programmed to heal. Since the day we were born our DNA […]

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