Pain Treatments

Pain treatments cover trigger point injections to release the myofascial tight tissue associated with chronic pain. Advice on posture correction to avoid the negative effects of gravity on the skeletal system is provided. The mind-body connection is explored for each patient to understand how stress from the past, life and our personalities all contribute to programming of the brain and nervous system for chronic pain. Cognitive behavioural techniques are advised to change the programming of the brain and nervous system and followed up over each treatment. The final area of focus is nutrition. An anti-inflammatory diet is advised to create a symbiotic relationship with our intestinal microbiome which contributes to health and pain reduction.


Online and live courses are for medical doctors and nurse practitioners who treat patients with chronic pain. This unique online learning experience from the comfort of your home with ongoing access to training shall enhance you skill set and help many of your patients find the results of reduced pain, improved function and quality of life. Live courses are available in North Vancouver, BC, Canada with hands-on-practice with real patients who are willing to help the profession to improve health outcomes with chronic pain.


My mission is to help 100 Million people find freedom from pain. I aim to teach,inspire and leave the way to find solutions simply accessible to the public. Chronic pain is at epidemic levels in our society across the world and the current physiological understanding and treatment modalities are falling short of the goal of finding pain solutions. It is the time for change. It is time for an awaking. The time is now.

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